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August 8th, 2018


What Is Integral Cove Base?


Integral cove base is seamless and chemical resistant trim applied to connect the epoxy floors to the walls. With an integral cove base, you avoid having water build up at the base of the wall and floor. While typical cove base is simply rubber or vinyl secured to the base of the wall using a strong adhesive, integral cove base is actual polymer resin hand troweled at a 45-degree angle. 

Recommended Places to Use an Integral Cove Base:

   · Commercial Kitchens coolers and walk-in boxes

            o These bases prevent water from sitting at the base of the wall which is                 common in commercial kitchens

   · Parking and storage areas

            o Keeps water flowing towards the drains

   · Chemical Productions and laboratories

            o The base is chemical and stain resistant which makes it ideal for              chemical productions

   · Bathrooms and showers

             o Helps prevent mold build up at seams

   · Veterinarian offices and animal shelters

            o The base is easy to clean and durable as well as stain proof. 

   · Food and Beverage facilities

 How Is Integral Cove Base Applied?

Integral cove base is typically applied by hand using a 4” or 6” cove trowel. It should be installed by an approved contractor. While it is often applied to concrete, if properly prepared, it can be applied to a variety of substances. To begin, you must prepare the surface by abrasive blasting or grinding it to remove contaminants. Then inspect the floor for voids, and other imperfections.

    · Primer

            o Mix all parts of the primer and apply using roller or brush

    · Mortar

            o Apply mortar while primer is still tacky. Once applied, allow to cure                overnight.

    · Grout Coat

            o Using a steel trowel or red rubber squeegee apply coat and let cure                 overnight. Apply additional coats if needed.

   · Seal Coat

            o For the last step, apply seal coat and let cure overnight.

One tip for getting the tricky corners is to use a soup spoon bent at a 75-degree angle. This creates a smooth inner corner.

Typically, bases are about 4in in height and 1/8th of an inch in depth. However, this depends on the customer’s preference and type of facility. 

Hiring a Professional

If you are in Ohio or the surrounding states, contact us to help you with your epoxy flooring needs. www.PermafloorInc.com. Let over 30 years of applying epoxy flooring help you create the most durable and beautiful floors possible for your space.   



Why Choose Quartz Flooring?

Quartz flooring is a seamless, beautiful, and durable flooring system that works well as a concrete covering. It is a combination of clear epoxy and a sand sized quartz granules that come in many beautiful colors. 

Recommended Places to Apply Quartz Flooring

· Research labs and healthcare facilities

          o Due to the nonporous properties of quartz flooring, it can resist chemicals and other liquids used in               these industries.

· Kitchens and schools

          o Because quartz flooring is seamless, it is easy to clean and does not promote bacterial growth.

· Bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers

          o Quartz flooring does not absorb moisture and dries easily and quickly

· Industrial plants, warehouses, and showrooms

          o The durability of quartz flooring makes it a great choice for medium to heavy use.

How Epoxy Quartz Flooring Applied?

Permafloor typically begins a project by checking the moisture content of the concrete floor. The amount of moisture in the floor is essential to choosing the correct coating system. If the wrong type of epoxy is applied on a floor containing moisture, it can cause the surface to bubble and crack.

· Preparation

           o The concrete floor may be prepped by shot blasting or grinding.

· Primer & quartz applied

           o The floor is primed with an epoxy. Then a layer of quartz sand is broadcast to rejection (epoxy               cannot hold anymore sand). 

· Second coat of epoxy and quartz

           o After curing is complete, the extra sand is removed and a second coating of epoxy and quartz sand               are applied.

· Top Coat

          o Once again, the extra sand is removed, and the floor is topped with a resin to make it non-porous.

In most cases, the epoxy quartz floors can handle foot traffic in seven hours. This is often done for businesses over the weekend to reduce work flow disruptions.

Hiring a Professional

If you are in Ohio or the surrounding states, contact us to help you with your epoxy flooring needs. www.PermafloorInc.com. Let over 30 years of applying epoxy flooring help you create the most durable and beautiful floors possible for your space.   



Why Choose Epoxy Flake Flooring?

  When deciding what kind of flooring to put in your business or residence, epoxy flake (or chip) flooring can work great on your concrete surfaces. Not only does the chip provide beautiful texture and color, but when it is used with epoxy coatings, it is durable, seamless, and easy to maintain. 

What Is Flake? 

The flake is created with vinyl that works well with epoxy and urethane. Flake can come in many color combinations, including a single color. The most popular is a 3 color combination. Typically people use 2 contrasting neutral colors with a third pop of color for visual interest. In addition to different colors, flake comes in different sizes ranging from 1/32” to 1”. It is recommended to use smaller flake on smaller surfaces. The most popular size is 1/4”. 

Benefits of Flake 

· Epoxy flake flooring is seamless, beautiful, and customizable. 

· It can hide minor faults in the concrete subfloor. 

· Generally, it us UV resistant, so the color stays vibrant, even if used outside or in a room with large windows. 

· Flake provides some sound deadening qualities. 

· It provides texture and intrigue to the flooring. 

· It gives the look of terrazzo flooring for a fraction of the cost. 

· It is ideal in areas with heavy foot traffic due to its durability. 

· It is non-porous, so it can withstand water and chemicals like oil drips underneath vehicles, or even in a swimming pool.   

Why Hire a Professional? 

The most important reason to hire a professional is to measure the moisture concentration of the concrete subfloor. If the flooring is too wet, the epoxy coating will bubble and crack. Also, the timing and process of applying the coating and flake is critical, and professionals have spent the time to figure out the best methods to accomplish this. 

If you are in Ohio or the surrounding states, contact us to help you with your epoxy flooring needs. www.PermafloorInc.com. Let over 30 years of applying epoxy flooring help you create the most durable and beautiful floors possible for your space.     


Miami Valley Hospital Epoxy Flooring

What industries should consider Epoxy Flooring?

Permafloor’s seamless, durable, and beautiful epoxy flooring is appropriate for many industries. With over 31 years of experience installing resinous flooring, we have a broad and ever-expanding range of environments in which we work.

The following industries seem to fill our schedule the most. 

1. Food Manufacturing-Our sterile floors are perfect for the high-volume production of food. Sanitation is essential in this industry, and our non-porous flooring and cove base make the flooring easy to clean and keep sanitary. 

2. Medical Facilities-As with food manufacturing, sterile flooring is critical in a medical facility. However, with the number of people entering these places and the importance of a comfortable work environment for the medical staff, beauty is also an important factor. Epoxy flooring comes in many colors and styles to create a comfortable and clean environment.  

3. Industrial Facilities-Many companies need durable flooring that can handle machinery traffic, including utility vehicles and forklifts. The chemical reaction between the resin and hardener we use for our flooring creates a strong, durable flooring that is perfect for this type of traffic. 

4. Manufacturing Facilities-Manufacturing facilities must make employee safety a top priority. The slip resistant texture of our flooring is perfect for areas that have high volumes of foot traffic where safety is essential. 

5. Chemical Containment-Obviously, these types of facilities need to have floors and walls that will not only keep the contents from leaking or absorbing into the concrete, but they need to be chemically resistant. Our seamless and non-porous epoxy installation are a perfect option for these situations. 

If you are in Ohio or a surrounding state, contact us today for a free consultation and quote customized for your unique needs. www.PermafloorInc.com